“Project Exposure” & “Project Blossom” are youth mentoring programs developed and sponsored by the Commissioner Bruce Holmes Youth Foundation (CBHYF). The programs were established to enhance and promote leadership development, achievement, and success in mentees 6th grade through 12th grade. The program follows a group-mentoring model wherein students are divided into grade levels, with each group participating in age appropriate activities.

The groups are “Project Exposure” and “Project Blossom”. In these groups mentors seek to expose mentees to activities, which promote the pursuit of higher education, positive self-esteem, artistic and cultural intelligence, and positive interaction between our youth and the adult community. Through group mentoring, our mentoring programs challenge mentees to excel by consistently exposing them to successful, alternative ways of living. The programs raise the standard of excellence and expectation among our participants; promotes a climate of cultural enhancement through workshops such as business etiquette and public speaking; and mobilizes the adult community to give back by serving as mentors and coaches.

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Youth Empowerment

The Commissioner Bruce Holmes Youth Foundation (CHBYF) believes that all youth, no matter their personal circumstances, deserve the opportunity to succeed. In order to achieve maximum impact the Foundation has identified four key focus areas. These tenets serve as the basis for all programmatic development within CBHYF.


Learning is the road that our kids will follow in reaching their full potential in life. CBHYF has partnered with youth, parents, schools and other community stakeholders to support academic enrichment and school engagement. One such program is the Life Skills Mentoring and School Outreach Program (L.A.D.I.E.S. and G.E.N.T.S.) which offers an array of activities for pro-social development; equipping students for job interviews, time management, public speaking, dressing for success, etiquette, conflict resolution, and social interaction.

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Healthy Living

Wellness is essential for success. Good choices, such as selecting nutritious foods, participating in regular activity or exercise, managing stresses, and staying away from those practices which pose harm to our being are all ways in which healthy living is achieved. CBHYF provides youth friendly educational programs, materials, and activities designed promote and support healthier eating habits, disease prevention, and overall health and wellness.

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Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. CBHYF helps the youth of our community to become leaders and responsible caring citizens by developing skills and providing opportunities for service and growth. Together with other community partners and leaders we will continue to prepare our youth to forge the way to a better tomorrow.


ATHLETICS Sports and physical activity are vital to improving health and well-being. CBHYF uses sports, recreation and team building to develop healthy minds and bodies, in the young people served. To date the Foundation has successfully established the Commissioner Bruce Holmes Athletic Association which serves over 200 young people through activities which include baseball, football, and support for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Boys Basketball League.